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tv   Lockup Fairfax Extended Stay  MSNBC  November 27, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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you can have commanders there, detectives. you know? intelligence officers. they're trying to gather together -- you know, probably not seeing the patrol officers -- >> seeing some movement right now. we are seeing a lot of movement. all those officers that i just mentioned are now directly moving in one direction to the left. we can't see from this picture, obviously. it is a static picture and fixed and this is what we have got to look at. so we can't see what those police are walking to but they all very deliberately got up and moved in one direction as we were saying so. >> well, they may have a report of, you know, the gun is somewhere and on the move to thwart it. that could be what's happening there. >> we have a situation where -- now you can see the fire department response there. we are in colorado springs where there's been a report of an
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active shooter. it is near a planned parenthood in a shopping area in colorado springs and also told there are a couple of banks there. we have spoken with people told to shelter in place in the stores inside the shopping center. they're in there with fellow employees and also shoppers who are in the the store at the time. police came right away and knocking on doors and walking around with a megaphone saying to lock the doors and not let anybody inside or out in shelter in place. there's been a large police response. we have haven't seen a lot of activity until just about two minutes ago when we saw a large group of police looked like intact call gear moving, a large police truck has just come and blocked that view, possibly for purposes of us being on live television. but we don't know how many people are shelters in place. the people that we have spoken to have sounded very calm.
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and that the police have given them the information that they need. as far as get away from all the doors. get away from the windows. get inside as far as you can. and just simply stay there and don't answer the door. and don't let anybody in or out. at this point, what we have gathered is an officer may have been injured. we do not know that for sure. we know that there was a fire department response called in to a planned parenthood. we do not know if that was, in fact, a target of any kind just yet. we know that there was activity around a couple of banks so at this point, we don't know if in fact there is an active shooter who still might be in the area or if there's an active shooter who left. they're also wondering more than one active shooter if this is the case. perfectly normal, unfortunately, for situations like this when it's early on and police do not know what their getting into.
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joining me on the phone is kyle dyer. do you have people there on the ground yet? what are they reporting on what they have seen if so? >> one of the reporters is saying despite any reports that are going out on social media, this still remains an active shooting situation in colorado springs. and there is one officer, a colorado springs confirmed, that's been injured in this situation. the extent of the injures we don't know just yet. the video, there's a huge presence down in this area. and this area is for people that know colorado springs, in the area of garden of the dodge and central colorado springs. and there are businesses, there are retail. you mentioned a planned parenthood. but there are also banks, also other stores. there are residents nearby. so we don't know if this active shooter, where this person is.
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what the intentions were as you were saying and all we know is that confirmed one officer is injured and that police are telling people to stay in place. do not go out. do not venture to the grocery store in this complex. do not go near this area until they can piece together exactly who this person -- >> tell us again what this area is. we are talking about centennial and fillmore? >> this is a shopping complex in centennial boulevard. they closed off garden of gods -- >> what is that? >> it's at fillmore. so, you know, like any other day and everyone else is off from thanksgiving area, this is a busy area and now shut off. >> what is garden of gods? what is that? >> garden of the gods is a gorgeous park of red rocks. gorgeous. and people go out there for
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hikes and to take pictures if they're visiting colorado springs. really beautiful. and it is a big tourist spot in the colorado springs area. >> okay. that's interesting. let's go back to jim cavanaugh. kyle, thank you very much. let's go back to jim cavanaugh and heard from local government that tweeted active shooter situation is still very much in progress. i have to ask you, from a law enforcement standpoint, the advent of live television news and live pictures, how does that affect a police response? >> we're always conscious in the police of whether or not the adversary, the bad guy, can see your movements on tv. usually that's in a fixed spot. of course, with cell phones and smartphones, they could on the run maybe get some information. but it's not as much of an issue if someone is actively moving and trying to find them. only really comes into play when they're static and hold up in a
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place they can try to watch the news and find out what's going on. there's a small danger of that. not great danger here i think at the moment. >> does social media help or hurt or both? >> well, it's neutral. it can help. it can hurt. i'd say generally it helps more. because there's more witnesses than there are shooters or bad guys. but it's like a seesaw. it can be leveraged against you or laf rajjed for you and why law enforcement seeds the citizens on their side to help them leverage it for the good. >> what can you tell us about what we can't see right now? as far as what police are doing. we saw some movement and it looks very deliberate in one direction. somebody gave the go ahead for something. what typically in a situation like this, what would that be? >> somebody who saw something or a report of where a man with a
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gun or a shooter may be located. and they're moving to that location. so when everybody moves, maybe he is over here. and then everybody starts to move so that. >> let's go back to eyewitness jesse o'brien. he manages the u.p.s. store down the street from the scene. jesse, it looks ike there's been a lot more going on. >> yeah. in our parking lot at the moment i have got six police officers. there's a gentleman in a car, looks to be a dark blue jaguar with his hands out the window. there are two police officers behind a ford ranger, maybe 20, 30 feet away from this jaguar. i can't hear what they're saying but they're yelling instructions to the gentleman. and then i've got the other four about 30 feet behind these other two officers. just hiding or essentially
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behind the truck. >> focused on that same man in the same car? >> yeah. he had his hands out the window. they were saying something. three of the officers have atf police jackets. one had a bomb squad jacket. one of them has their weapon drawn. i no longer see the gentleman's hands in the car. but they're focusing their attention on them. >> how far away are you from that? >> probably 80 feet. yeah. 80 to 100 feet. >> did you notice that man there before? >> i didn't. i've seen this -- i have a feeling this gentleman works in the shopping center. i have seen the car on numerous occasions. but like i said, i don't see his hands at the moment. he's sitting in the driver's seat. but that's where the officers are focusing their attention. >> well, that could be something and it could be nothing. >> absolutely. >> that absolutely describes the situation that we're in right
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now. you, obviously, very specifically are in right now. >> yes. >> it might be nerve wracking to be sitting right there and not knowing a whole lot other than what you see out your window. >> it is. it is pure speculation. so yeah. you don't know what's going to happen or what's going on. obviously the officers aren't taking any chances. very well could be a shopper when's just sitting in his car. it's hard telling. >> we are hearing some new reports that three officers have been injured. it is possible that the shooter has been concontained. we're working to confirm that. information changes very quickly. and it changes often. so what we know now, at least one police officer is confirmed
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injured. we just got news from the ap it's possibly three. we have confirmed active shooter situation in place in this shopping center in colorado springs. about an hour away from denver. i guess it would be considered a suburb and you have a huge police response for people who are just tuning in right now. it's been going on for over an hour at this point and we have a large police presence, a command center and an s.w.a.t. vehicle there and a giant local law enforcement response. we just a few minutes ago saw a huge group of police march off deliberately in one specific direction. we have talked with -- >> i'm going to take off. >> jesse, did i just hear you say that you have to take off? why? >> i'm going to go. >> are you okay? >> yeah. yeah. yeah. no issue here. no threat. >> can you tell us quickly
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what's the latest that you see out your window before you go? >> six police officers, the gentleman that i had spoke of earlier i don't believe is a threat. and then just to the west of me on the corner, the south corner of the king super center, probably another six s.w.a.t. members just standing there. they seem to be fairly relaxed. i think they're just awaiting orders on what to do next. >> okay. thank you. very much. >> thank you. >> joining me on the phone now is another eyewitness, brigett , wo wolfe. what are you seeing? >> just a ton of police activity. there is s.w.a.t. out with guns drawn. and shields.
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not a lot of activity in the last 30, 40 minutes. >> you're quite close to this. how would you describe this? >> the planned parenthood is right across the street from us. we can see it clear as day from our windows. but it's probably a five-minute walk from where we work. >> now you're very close to that planned parenthood, right? >> yes. >> okay. so has any of the activity really been focused on that? >> i don't believe so. i have not seen any activity at the actual planned parenthood. but the police that are all in our parking lot all scattered everywhere. and they're, you know, not grouped together. >> when's the last time you had
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any direct communication from police there? >> probably about 45 minutes ago when they told us to lock the doo doors and keep away from the windows. >> we were told by somebody else, one of your neighbors there in the shopping center, that an officer with a megaphone had been making announcements. have you heard from any officer? >> not -- >> how would you describe the way police are acting in the area by you? >> they're very calm. well, i mean, from what i see. seem very calm. just awaiting. all of the police cars that are -- that i can see in our area right now, there is not one in their vehicles. they're all standing behind a building. >> we are waiting for
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confirmation but we are told that one officer is injured. two more confirmed injured. two of them according to associated press evacuated from the area and the third is waiting to do. we have learned from a tweet from local government that the active shooter situation is still in progress. we are learning from the associated press that the gunman has been contained. what that means exactly we really don't know right now. short while ago they weren't sure of one active gunman or possibly more. that is perfectly normal in that situation like this when things are fluid and very, very confusing. especially for the police officers on the ground trying to deal with. >> all of the employees here with me are fine.
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the are obviously very scared and antsy pch. >> how would you describe the area, again, that you're in? is this considered a suburb? >> he was leaving the scene. >> he is leaving? >> yes. >> we are seeing doors and a stretching being brought out of that vehicle you just saw. it is a blue stretcher, the kind you evacuate somebody from a scene who's been injured. there is an ambulance that you can see directly behind that s.w.a.t. vehicle and there's a lot of activity. it looks like they might be
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removing somebody from that vehicle. we don't know if that's an officer. we have had reports of more than one officer being injured. possibly three. it's been reported by the associated press that two of those officers have been evacuated from the scene but a third has possibly not. we see police in what looks like combat gear with the helmets and shields on. surrounding this s.w.a.t. truck but it looks like it's pulled off. we know that there are ambulances, more than one, lined up near an intersection near a planned parenthood clinic. there in colorado springs. but again, we don't know what the focus of this possible gunman was. and now that s.w.a.t. vehicle seems to be peeling off and the ambulance seems to still be there. let's go back to our jim cavanaugh. what do you make of everything you just heard? >> well, it got some movement there. may have a shooter located.
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s.w.a.t. is there in force. you saw their bear cat that s.w.a.t. uses for protection. if guy's in the vehicle, they'll be able to deal with him in the situation there. we can't tell from the way think oar moving and where they're going. there was a report you had about the man in the jaguar the hands out and sometimes people barricade in a vehicle. >> he might have been on his way home from a lunch break. you know? >> yeah. you don't know who that was or whether he was released or still kons traconcentrating on it. we can't tell from this point and very active s.w.a.t. situation and they still haven't told us if somebody's located. there were reports that the shooter was contained but we haven't -- >> now, what would that mean? can you give us possible scenarios of a shooter contained would be? >> right. well, let's say you have one shooter or even two, if they're contained in a room, in a
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vehicle, in a location, a store, a back of a store, then, you know, s.w.a.t. is very capable of dealing with that. we call that a barricade situation. they're barricaded in there. they don't want to come out. then you have got to communicate with them. s.w.a.t. will take up a sif position. not necessarily charge in or anything. even if they're armed and negotiations start. you know? what's going on? why are you shooting? what happened? broken robbery? trying to get away? domestic situation? is it a terrorist situation. so you try to deal with whatever it is. and then you -- as you find out the information, the on-scene commander makes decisions to move his assets to the place where they can make sure that nobody, of course, escapes and deal with it as it comes. preferably talk them into surrendering. if not, you know, you may have to engage with them with your
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long rifle team or your tactical officers, gas, robots, dogs. there's a whole panplea of tools they can use. that's a situation that is not easy and well practiced and within the capabilities of s.w.a.t. team like the colorado springs s.w.a.t. pd team. >> two witnesses holed up in the stores and told to stay inside the shelter in place along with fellow employees and some of their customers, as well, stuck inside for quite sometime. they were rather calm and described the police presence as rather calm. what do you make of that? >> well, you know, s.w.a.t. officers are calm. i mean, they're the guys that the police call. you know? so patrol, division officers call s.w.a.t. that's their 911. they're practiced. national tactical officers association, tactical officers all over the country, are people
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who can deal with, you know, shooters. they're practiced with that, equipped and trained in it. routine training. they have a lot of specialized tools so, you know, no. they're not -- it's not something they can't not handle. as far as the citizens, this's great. listening to law enforcement's direction to stay in place. you're safe there. we're out here dealing with the situation. once they contain whatever's going on, then people in the businesses will probably be released behind the police lines and, you know, able to get out. but of course, you can't just let them out. someone in there with a rifle or something, an explosive device, you have to make sure it's safe and takes a little time for the commanders to, you know, ascertain that. >> are you surprised at all considering when you don't have a shooter contained, not sure where that shooter is, more than one, i asked the people who we spoke to inside the stores were police calling them, reaching out to them via social media and
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the reason i ask you that is if there's somebody hiding and trying to pretend, perhaps, and get away pretending to be a store employee or a customer, i'm a little surprised that police wouldn't be calling store to store to see there's a giveaway of some kind. >> what happens, melissa, 911 center is extremely busy when this goes on and really busy. i mean, it's nice to be able to think we could call -- they could call every single business f. they get the time to do that, they may try to do but a lot of times the uniformed offers on the scene are quicker walking door to door staying stay locked down, stay in place. you know? they can't search every single store as they're moving, trying to get and locate the shooter. they might have to turn around. they might have to go back, citizen to alert them to the shooter. as we learned and leveraged the
12:22 pm
social media going forward, i think we can do better on that collectively. police and citizens together to find out where the person is. that's so critical. if you can tell the police where the person is what's the description, they can center on them and contain it. that's the thing that stops a lot of people from getting hurt. >> jim, hang on. i want to bring in jesse paul, on the phone, a breaking news reporter with the "denver post." we hear you have new information on the officers injured. can you tell us what you know? >> i don't believe so. >> pardon? jesse, are you with us? jesse paul with the "denver post," are you hearing us on the phone? all right. i believe that we lost jesse there for a minute. i hope we'll get her back.
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we want some new information as far as the injured officer are concerned. we heard a report of one officer shot in the hand and report of two more being injured and we don't know how much or how badly. ambulances on the scene as is the fire department, s.w.a.t. teams and large police presence, as we. we did see an s.w.a.t. vehicle pull what looked like a mobile stretcher, a backboard, if you will, out which usually indicates they're trying to evacuate somebody who's been injured in the field. that ambulance, however, has not moved. we are told there's more than one. they're parked in this parking lot in a shopping center. it is parked closest to a planned parenthood office that is in the shopping center. there was a call to that planned parenthood, to the fire department, earlier. but we have no indication that planned parenthood is actually involved in any way. we have no indication which store or why or which people or
12:24 pm
why were involved. we are told that this is still an active shooter situation and what that means is that people who are there are asked to shelter in place which means if you are in a store, you have to stay there. if you work there, you have to stay there. and you have to stay away from the doors and stay away from the windows and preferably get to the back of the store and do not answer the door. police door to door and knocked and use add megaphone announcing to do that earlier. there was a report in the colorado springs parking lot of a u.p.s. employee of a man in the blue car with the hands out the window and the police had the guns trained on him and giving him instructions. there is no clear indication whatsoever that man might have been involved or if he was a shopper or a shopkeeper who simply was in his car when all of this happened. we are told that despite this being an active shooter situation that police in the area are actually very calm.
12:25 pm
and the ap is reporting that the gunman has been contained. at this point, excuse me, we don't know what exactly that means. we are hoping to get a little bit of information on that. give me just a second. let's go back to kyle dye are with kusa. >> a reporter is in the staging area and one of the stores and that retail complex an they're awaiting for public information. officer from colorado springs police to come over and tell them where we are in this active shooter search right now. and in terms of the injuries. you were talking about some officers injured and we have seen the tactical response team taking some people out of the situation. we don't know exactly how many people were involved in that. we have confirmed through our sources of -- the police
12:26 pm
department one officer injured. but we have heard reports of other officers injured, as well. don't know the extent. waiting for a public information officer and you can tell, i mean, just look at the video. very fluid scene. you know? i think they oar all trying to get a handle on what is going on there. one thing is for sure is that police department down in colorado springs area says this remains a very active situation. >> what are you hearing as far as, we're hearing conflicting reports of the gunman contained, not being contained. are you still hearing reports of more than one and what are you hearing about what contained or not contained means? >> like you said, when something is this fluid, you know, police are looking at all possibilities out there so we have not heard anything from the first concern of more than one person so we do not know if there's more than one person and have not received
12:27 pm
confirmation anyone is contained. we don't know. we have not gotten -- >> what are you seeing on social media? >> you know what? i don't want to report that because there's all sorts of stuff and, you know, some people are reporting where officers might be and it's a fluid situation. you know? you have to be careful when you're reporting. >> that's fine. >> you know? >> for instance, i'm seeing from reuters, hospital spokesman said treating three officers from colorado springs shooting at planned parenthood. >> okay. >> we had confirmation, is this what you have heard? we have heard of three officers being injured. >> right. we have gotten official confirmation of one and heard three officers could be hurt. >> any details on how? >> no. >> yeah. >> no. and like you, you heard the hand. we heard that, too. we don't know if that's true. you know? if it's serious or not serious. just got the guys or women out of the situation and got them to medical care.
12:28 pm
>> thank you, kyle dyer. let's go back to jim cavanaugh. let's take a moment approaching the half-hour mark here in couple of minutes. what we have here is an active shooter situation at a shopping center parking lot in colorado springs, colorado. pardon me. it's about an hour outside of denver. a while back, an hour or two ago, there was a report of at least one active shooter inside the shopping center. it is a shopping center like you have seen a million times. there's a u.p.s. store, a bank and a planned parenthood there. there was a call from planned parenthood for the fire department to show up but there's no indication so far they were a target of any kind. we don't know of any specific target as of yet. we earlier heard reports that there might be more than one and now conflicting reports of a gunman contained.
12:29 pm
we know that three -- for sure that one officer has been injured. we have heard reports that it may be as many as three. and now we are hearing from a local hospital spokeswoman they're treating three patients at a local hospital there in colorado springs, colorado. we'll have much more on this breaking news coming up. with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here... can help keep our town growing. tomorrow is small business saturday, let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love. shop small tomorrow. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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welcome back. we are following breaking news out of the colorado springs,
12:33 pm
colorado, with an active shooter situation that is still in progress. the scene is called unstable. from the local police incident confirms three officers injured. unknown civilian injuries. situation still not stable. here's what we know at this point. there were reports of an active shooter, a couple of hours ago, in a shopping center in colorado springs about an hour away from denver. as you can see, there's a huge response. we have a police update. let's listen. >> 11:38 this morning, a call of service for shots fired in the area of the planned parenthood 3400 block of centennial boulevard. we had officers respond to the scene. officers arrived they did encounter active gun fire. we do have three officer that is are injured. we do not know the extent of their jis are. we have an unknown number of civilians that are injured. we are still working through the situation. we do not have the shooter at
12:34 pm
this point. but we do have all of our resources brought to bear and actively working through the different businesses and buildings to make sure that we provide medical treatment to the individuals injured and as well as try to locate the shooter in this situation. at this point, centennial boulevard is closed from fillmore road all the way to garden of the gods road in both directions. we ask people in the area that are getting the information in regards to the news media that they shelter in place either at the businesses to the south of the planned parenthood or in the actual business or just to the north of that. again, we don't have the suspect yet and we do consider this still an active situation. >> what kind of gun does he have? do we know? >> the information received initial sli that it was a long gun. we don't know what type or what
12:35 pm
capacity or anything at this point. >> is this connected to planned parenthood? >> we're not sure what the connection is to planned parenthood. but that was the original address we received for the call for service. >> is the shooter contained inside the building? >> we can't confirm. >> no but -- >> we are trying to phenomenon firm where the shooter is at at this point. that's why there is still very much an active situation. >> how many businesses did the shooting occur? >> we are not even into the investigative phase right now. the phase we are into right now is trying to provide emergency medical services and contain or find the shooter. >> any fatalities? >> at this point, i can't confirm any of that. >> only one shooter? an again, at this point, we had information that there could be a second one. we always plan and train for
12:36 pm
additional ones. >> can you say how many victims actively transported in. >> i don't know yet at this point. >> do we know, is the gunman wounded? >> i don't know. >> are there any -- [ inaudible ] >> number of personnel you have -- >> we have brought between us, the sheriff's office and the surrounding departments, including the state patrol, we have brought all of our resources to bear to address this situation. >> have you had officers inside the building? >> i don't know. the question was is there a possibility of a second shooter. we always plan and train for that. and we don't know whether there is just one or two. but we are addressing it. >> there's some neighborhoods a little further to -- i guess it would be north.
12:37 pm
anything being done sort of evacuation? >> we are not evacuating any of the neighborhoods to the north. we ask people to stay off of centennial boulevard because it is closed. >> well, there you have the latest from local police there in colorado springs. they have not found the gunman yet. she says they don't know where he is and learned what is new from that information is that we do have three officers hurt and an unknown number of civilians hurt and we don't know if there's civilians hurt or if so how badly or how many. there are ambulances still on the scene in that shopping center and considered unstable because as you just heard they don't have the gunman and don't know where that gunman is. they're preparing for two. we heard earlier in a situation, always have the possibility of an active shooting of more than one person involved. and as of now, the situation is still developing in colorado springs.
12:38 pm
it is still considered unstable and people in the shopping center from still being told to shelter in place. it means get away from the doors and windows. don't let anybody in or out until all of this is over and we have every indication this is not over. i want to bring in jesse paul on the phone, a breaking news reporter with the "denver post." we hear you have some new information on the officers injured s. that right? >> kind of what you were talking about before. we do know that there's three officers injured and we don't know specifically how they were injured, the extent of the injuries. this is still ongoing and very octob active. >> what else are you hearing? we heard information on a long gun. >> we have not -- i have not heard that yet. i'm actually heading to the scene right now. i think all of the media kind of scrambled to the scene. i think you spoke earlier about
12:39 pm
initial report was from the colorado springs fire department that there was an active shooter at the planned parenthood. and from there, kind of bits and pieces trickling out but as the spokesperson said this is still kind of ongoing and happening and very unclear exactly what the scope of it is. >> we have been told that this shelter in place situation, the orders under way for people who are customers and shopkeepers applies the media. what have you heard? >> right. essentially when it first happened, you know, within five minutes of the first report, we called colorado springs police to make -- we don't know what's happening. over scanner traffic, we just heard a really chaotic scene playing out with officers yelling and hollering about what the situation was. and then, you know, the police department put out a tweet that basically said telling the media to stay away from the area. not safe for news crews to come through which, you know, is fairly typical but in this
12:40 pm
situation seems much more dire. >> have you heard anything about how many shots were fired? >> no. that's -- we have not heard that. i spoke to a woman working in a business next door and said she didn't hear shots fired and saw kind of a flurry of police show up to the area. looked out the window and told by officers to get back, get away. so like you heard and like lieutenant buckley said, essentially people are told to stay where they are and a ton of businesses by the area. a giant market, a beauty salon, banks, i believe another restaurant just right near there. >> all right. jesse paul, stay with us because we're about to take a quick break here but we are following this breaking news out of colorado springs where there is an active shooter situation. they still don't know where the gunman is or more than one and people are hold up in stores in the shopping center. we have very little information about how many shots were fird
12:41 pm
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as we continue to follow breaking news situation in colorado springs, where an active shooter situation is in place right now, the situation is described as unstable. according to local law enforcement, they still don't know where the gunman is. we have three officers who are confirmed injured along with an unknown number of civilian injuries. people are still holed up in place as they were told to inside the stores where they were shopping or working at the time that shots were fired. we don't know anything about the gunman or if there was one or more. we heard something about a witness saying that it was a long gun. that is the first bit of information that we have gotten
12:45 pm
about the actual shooter so far. we do not know what the target was. very few details as this situation is still very much developing. joining me on the phone is jill woodford of penrose hospital where three people are being treated. is that correct? >> that is correct. we have received three patients. >> are they the three officers who were injured? >> that information is not shared with us yet but all we know is that we have three patients from the shooting. >> can you describe to us what their condition -- >> that information i haven't been given yet either. i haven't been given names or conditions yet. >> in situation -- >> we have three patients from the shooting. >> okay. in situations like this, i know local hospitals are often put under some kind of alert. have you been told whether to expect more? >> you know, we're always on alert when things like this
12:46 pm
happen in the city and so, of course, you know, we're prepared to handle anymore -- if we happen to get anymore patients from this. >> can you tell us anything about -- you may not have specifics about their conditions but are they described as emergencies? >> well, they did come through our emergency department but as far as their condition and how they were when they came in, i don't have that information yet. >> did they all come in at once? >> i wasn't given that information. we have three patients and monitoring it. >> okay. >> keeping people apprised. >> do you know when they arrived? >> i don't. we were just given the update about 30 minutes ago that we got three patients. >> okay. jill, we'll definitely check back with you because we would like to know, you know, we're hoping that everyone will be okay. >> yes. >> thank you for that. >> thank you. >> i want to bring in jesse paul
12:47 pm
on phone, a breaking news reporter from the "denver post." you have now arrived, right? >> still approaching the scene but it's, you know, chaotic and kind of over general area on the west side of colorado springs so still trying to get there right now but we have one of our reporters on scene now and painting a picture of just a ton of law enforcement in the area and also several federal agencies. we heard atf on scene, as well. >> what are you seeing from where you are? because we have been hearing about obviously things have been cordoned off. people are told to stay away from that area. are there lots of police officers blocking the routes going towards this shopping center? >> absolutely. the roads and area have been kind of shut down. i think we -- you heard earlier telling people basically to shelter in place in the area.
12:48 pm
definitely don't approach and telling members of the media not to get near the scene because of kind of a scope and the fact it is still ongoing. >> when's the area surrounding all of this like? i mean, is it business as usual as you're driving into town? >> absolutely. but the area where this is actually happening is in a nicer part of colorado springs, more j upscale just east of garden of the gods and a pretty wide open area. there's just shops everywhere and kind of a ton of busy roadways. people are there all the time. >> and people, it looks to you like a normal friday? elsewhe elsewhere? >> absolutely. i mean, as far as we know right now, i think police said earlier they're sending the resources they have here over to that area. just to deal with the situation. and there's an el paso county sheriff's office responding here.
12:49 pm
so it's just kind of a flood of law enforcement heading that we. >> do you have people directing you as far as where you can drive and how close you can get? >> from the people that are on scene, from the reporters there, that's definitely the case. we're hearing about right now. it appears it's kind of a large area cordoned off and one point they were saying kind of, you know, get out of the kind of area because we don't know where the guy is or what you can see and potentially fire at. >> we just got off the phone with a spokesperson for the local hospital, penrose hospital and three people have been taken. we have three confirmed officer injuries. what are you hearing about the patients in the local hospital? have you heard that those are the officers or have you heard that civilian injuries happened, as well? >> we have not heard if the people in that hospital are the ones are the officers and like i said earlier, we don't know the
12:50 pm
extent of the injuries, what exactly -- how they were injured and any of the kind of nature of that. colorado springs has nefrl hospitals. penrose is closest to where this is happening. but there's certainly, you know, high level trauma centers here, as level trauma centers here as well. we haven't gotten word from anywhere else that they're receiving patients. >> jesse, we'll check back with you a little bit later. i know you'll get situated as soon as you can, and we want to hear from you as you learn more about this developing and very dangerous situation in colorado springs at a shopping center where an active shooting situation is still very much in progress. stay with us. you're watching msnbc.
12:51 pm
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the city of colorado springs has issued a statement. there is an unknown number of casualties, both cspd and csfd are responding and are currently
12:54 pm
focused on the preservation of life. this is an active gunman situation. citizens are asked to avoid the area. those in the area are asked to shelter in place. for those of you just joining us, this is going on in colorado springs, colorado. that is about an hour away from denver. it's been going on for about two hours, a little bit longer than that now. we heard reports of an active shooter there earlier. there was a massive law enforcement response, including s.w.a.t. teams, local police. there's a command center set up as you can see. it's at a shopping center that is your typical suburban area shopping center, with shops. inside those shops right now are people who have been holed up for a couple of hours by orders from the police department, who went door to door, telling them to get away from the windows, stay away from the doors, don't open them for anybody, and don't let anybody leave.
12:55 pm
this is a live picture. we heard from the police department spokesperson that they do not have the shooter. in fact, they do not know where the shooter is. we have been told that in situations like this, they are always prepared for there to be a possibility that there is more than one, but we don't have a confirmation on that either way, because the police still don't know. we know that three officers are injured. a local hospital has received three patients. we do not know if those three patients are the officers. we have been told there are an unknown amount of civilian injuries. we have no idea how many or how bad these injuries may be. i'm sorry. tell me that again. okay, okay, we're going to listen into our local affiliate in colorado spring. koaa. >> two ambulances who have moved away earlier in the scenario here today. so we're not sure exactly what's
12:56 pm
going on, but if we can tighten up that shot a little bit. anyway, they're moving off. >> one officer just got off the tactical vehicle and they looped around there and turned back in to the king supers plaza there. and there are several more officers walking. it's hard to determine what exactly they're doing. but this is still a very active situation, a very serious situation, and we've been hearing from people throughout the last two hours, of police -- a heavy police presence in that area around centennial and garden of the gods and philmore and they're still recommending that people shelter in place. they're trying to close in on this shooter, who is still, at last report, on the road -- or excuse me -- >> there's our live look from
12:57 pm
matt pritchard's location. he's north of that location at centenni centennial. el paso county sheriff's vehicle going up into that neighborhood there. >> he just turned in right to the neighborhood just a block away from that center. now back live at centennial and philmore, and as you can say, an awaiting ambulance and several police cars as well. the s.w.a.t. vehicle, we just saw turn back into that plaza. again, this all started 11:38 this morning at the planned parenthood, which is north of the king super shopping center. and all those folks are still told to shelter in place. they are remaining inside those stores, officers with them, until this situation is resolved. >> obviously a group huddling there to discuss what's going on, but again, a lot more activity at philmore and centennial, than we've seen in
12:58 pm
the last half hour. so we're not sure what's going on. you can hear ambulance sirens off in the background. again, the search was continuing for this active shooter suspect. at last word, had not been apprehended. not sure where that person had been holed up, but arrived in a vehicle at that planned parenthood lokedz. we don't know if they took off in a vehicle or on foot. the suspect was armed with a long gun when they showed up and began shooting. three police squad cars showed up to gunfire. two of them were wounded. a third of the injured. their condition we don't know. and again, we're waiting to see what the very latest information is in terms of apprehending this man. that whole part of the city obviously on lockdown. the nearby king super, as we were told, 150 people locked inside that building. the son of a woman who called in
12:59 pm
said they have been in shelter in place for some time. their emergency protocol in place. so far, no injuries inside that super, supers that we know of, but there's a police presence throughout that area. >> the confirmation of the injuries that we have at this point, were the three colorado springs officers. the extent of the injuries, unknown. this i the vantage point, looking into that parking lot, from the opposite end of the planned parenthood, looking into the king supers and firefighters huddled there and emergency vehicles, just waiting. >> presumably if there are more victims or they locate the shooter and that person is in some kind of emergency status, we've seen over the last couple of hours, this is where they've been transporting the wounded out of. we've seen them loaded into
1:00 pm
emergency vehicles and taking off. so we assume that if anything transpires here, if the suspect himself is wounded or needs medical treatment, they would come out of this location. matt prich artchards is there. traffic is being turned away at all locations. andy cohen at the parking lot in coronado high school. what can you tell us, andy? okay, we lost andy cohen. but last word, we had spoken with andy. he had interviewed a gentleman by the name of dirk, whose niece -- >> we're listening to local coverage from our affiliate kaoo in colorado


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